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  • Amber Liu

Why Spotify is the Best Soulmate

A list of reasons why Spotify makes the soulmate we always had but never knew we needed.

They’re A Cheap Date

You try to rationalize with yourself that the $10 that Spotify Premium costs isn't that much to pay for the love of your life. And you’re right— that is a great deal. But as any college student knows, you don't settle on the list price. And with Spotify, you don't have to.

For students, Spotify Premium is 50% off, and a Hulu and Showtime subscription comes with it. The Family Plan is another great deal, where you pay $15 every month for six individual profiles. So now Dad can listen to his classical music and you can listen to your moody songs with the knowledge that you’re saving money that can go towards your life insurance.

They're Not Clingy

Spotify knows that you need your me-time and your friend-time.

Through Friend Activity tab that exists on the desktop application, you can see all your friends and what their most recent listen was. Don't want the world to know that you're about to have a One Direction jam session? So exists the Private Session option that allows you to listen to music without judgement from your friends. It will just be between you and your boo.

If you ever want an open relationship, Spotify will support you. You can sync your favorite tunes to your dating apps so your potential partners will know that you great music taste and a healthy existing relationship.

They Take You On Adventures

The Multiple Devices feature allows you to control the music of other devices through a main device. This is helpful if you want to play music through your desktop speakers but control it from your phone.

You can get those butterflies beyond the screen, too. On each musician’s Spotify page, there is the Concerts tab. Find out if that obscure band you just discovered is having a concert nearby and easily access ticket websites, all through Spotify.

They Broaden Your Horizons

Spotify pays attention to your likes and dislikes too— they have sneakily added a small playlist to your collection called Discover Weekly. Every week, your soulmate looks at the music you listened to and gathers recommendations based on your taste. Several other ways to find music exist within the application, such as Release Radar and Create Similar Playlist. They also work with the music-identifier application Shazam to gather the songs you try to recognize and transport them into your Spotify Library.

For all the musicians out there, Spotify helps you get discovered and encourages your dreams. A song I found on my Discover Weekly, entitled Breakfast Table by Hero Magnus, only has 194 views on YouTube; however, on Spotify, it has 67 thousand listens. Similarly, Eponine by Penny and Sparrow only has 1,500 views on YouTube, but over 600 thousand plays on Spotify. Their algorithm works.

They Can Hold A Decent Conversation

The podcast section within the application is extensive. They have also collaborated with the lyric annotation site Genius to educate you about your favorite songs. As a song is playing on your mobile device, Spotify will provide not only the lyrics for efficient karaoke singalongs, but also trivia and hidden meanings behind the lyrics to expand your knowledge.

They Keep You Grounded

After all of that exploration, Spotify brings you back to your roots by creating multiple Daily Mixes for you— collections to remind you of songs that you used to love.

So what are you waiting for? Why spend another second without the only love you will ever need in your life? -- Illustrations by Amber Liu and Maura Kelly


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