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  • Makena Limon

Season Greetings

All the feelings of love and joy, as well as a flurry of excitement come with the rush of the holidays. This rush can pick you up and knock you straight on your ass if you’re not careful. The wonderland is an illusion of candy canes and tinsel. With Thanksgiving coming and going, we are left with the monster that is winter.

Christmas is great, if you celebrate. The stress of getting friends and family the most divine presents mixes in with making everlasting moments with those dear. There's a drive to be perfect during the holidays. To smile the biggest and have your teeth shine the brightest. How can we deck the halls with boughs of holly when only our brains are screaming fa la la? I always wish there was more time for family outings to a tree lighting or  a cider tasting adventure. But there never seems to be enough. I'm always a big voter of decorating before Thanksgiving; disagree if you must, but Christmas is the reward after all the stress migraines schools hand out. 

What is the stress of winter? What could make someone not love winter? Of course, I mean aside from the freezing temperature, deadlines, finals, and don't even get me started on people who work customer service. This time has always been known as the busiest time of year. Hustle and bustle for a gingerbread house. Target flooding with people having all sorts of desires. Finding seasonings for the festive feast and printing papers for a final report. I know that every student is feeling the heat in this cold weather. When was that ten-page term paper due again… I seem to have forgotten. Aside from finishing all that needs to be done, you gotta find things. Don’t forget to go on excursions from store to store and find that one version of cheese your grandmother can't live without! 

The area around Pratt really makes the hurt of finals dissipate through the amount of lights on all the trees. The massive Clinton Hill signs that glow with a beautiful frosty blue make the study-snack trip to Khims worth it. The neighboring apartments and brownstones look mighty festive and sure know how to spruce up an average doorway. They look like portals to the tiny elves' workshops and are also worth the trip during a study break. Gets one in the festive mood during a not-so-festive time at the studios, but unfortunately also brings back the idea of not having enough time to go do all the fun festive things. We are in a snowstorm of achieving the best right now. The best grades and feedback. Tis’ the season.


Art by Serena Cheng


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