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  • Alex Kasel

Negative Face Scrapbook Space

Loose leaf

smells like falling

Down on

my dish-doing reflection

Imploded recollections

block the drain

So crop crop, snip snip

much better

without her and him and the rest of them staring back at me

The memories of our interactions are raw holes in

negative face scrapbook space

Hypothalamus cutting off blood flow,

clogged with cans of

white Monster, strawberry shortcake crunch bars, heart shaped homemade pizza, Martinelli’s

Everything but the kitchen sink...

Even the Star of David makes me think of a lost lover,

and I’ve been Jewish my whole life

Can’t erase associations—

forget crying in the car so hard I needed to pull over

without losing that skinny dip sunset glow,

algae dripping down my calves

Who would I be without these shadows

crawling through my chest cavity?

Twisted into forms I might recognize

let them close enough to chastise

forsake of the good times

If I close my eyes and hold my breath

I can finally hear myself ask—

What would it be like,

a day without nostalgia?

Maybe how the lightbulbs I picked look just right,

and the sky changes every night

Or like people I’m not afraid to love and lose

Losing happens when it needs to.


Art by Alex Kasel


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