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  • Max Whiteford

Mode etc. etc. vs. Anger

For justification or for motives

that nuisance of enclosure

After we left a shrug

as our answer

he walks in and

takes some time

explaining why

he was so mad

at him and a certain excess

of nonsense

Which led him

to unnameable

unknown incessant anger

More than his anger but lightly

minded to be More

than even anger than just his

solid madness Instead broke

for a madder dash in

anger at self

Struck the then basic

state of that wall

held in the gales of his unwinding

out from whatever Still beginning

to be against mad self Dash

for the wall struck

for un-moment no explaining anything

for one No one's

problems so lightly framed as a second of light

bent over every missed time

With the message blowing steam

into the scream again now


Art by Madeline Langan


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