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  • Bianca Stiles

It's 2018 and You Attend College in Brooklyn

You want to make the most of attending college, but being creatures of habit we tend to lose out with what makes us comfortable before challenging ourselves. After college, all those habits you’ve formed fall through to mold you into a new person. This was a hard lesson I learned after taking six years off from Pratt. Here is some advice from my new mold: Citi Bikes instead of Ubers. The stranger you eye every day instead of Tinder dates. Brewed coffee over Adderall. Trust your peers to become your familiar outsiders. Conversation with the only person in your class before it starts, instead of Instagram. Explore Bed-Stuy, ignore Williamsburg. Accountability before hating your syllabus. Anywhere above 80th street instead of Lower Manhattan. The two hour wait for Di Fara’s pizza over Speedy Romeo’s. Get stuck in Red Hook instead of in your own mind. Take advantage of what you have instead of bitching about what you want. A show at Trans-Pecos instead of a show at Madison Square Garden. Self-worth challenging Instagram likes. Saying “hello” to neighborhood residents instead of pretending they’re not there. The Monk Parrots of Greenwood Cemetery are better than the pigeons of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Patience with yourself instead of pressure. Superchief Gallery instead of The Bushwick Collective. Ignoring your notifications instead of ignoring your family. Thinking about tomorrow, rather than next year. Prioritizing that class you always wanted to take, before you miss your shot. - Photography by Anonymous


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