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  • Pam Wang


Prior to creating music under the moniker Homeshake, Peter Sagar was in a number of local bands, including Mac Demarco’s live band. In February, Homeshake made their way to Brooklyn and played four sold out shows at the Market Hotel. Their show on February 13th was the first night of the four shows, and despite minor technical hiccups, the venue was stuffed with fans ready to have a great time.

The Market Hotel was a fitting space for Homeshake’s set. Sagar’s lo-fi, homemade aesthetic meshed with the underground vibe of the site. Upon entering the building, people were ushered upstairs to an open room with a small stage located in the corner. The stage itself was equipped with clip lamps that had various colored bulbs, adding to the DIY feel. Solo project Greatest Champion Alive opened that night, and though I had not previously heard any of their music, the performance was very enjoyable. Their music contained hypnotizing synth rhythms, but the backbone bass and drums are what sold me on their overall sound. It was nice to see the crowd interact with the band as well. It was a show of friends supporting friends, and full of love.

Homeshake’s performance was calm and sensual. The first couple of songs were soft and slow, and set a relaxed, dreamy mood. Then the band seemed more comfortable and started to settle into a groove. The crowd reciprocated with dancing and singing. Sagar kept it light and fun with the occasional banter in a high pitched chipmunk voice filter. “Thank you all for coming! It’s really nice of you, you’re all really kind,” Sagar said between songs. He seemed genuinely grateful for the crowd’s support, and the Market Hotel was packed to the point that people were standing on the couches and benches on the sides of the room. Bodies were pressed against one another, and everyone was crowded around the stage.

The overall nature of Homeshake’s show was quite different compared to some of the other shows I have attended this past month. What I found most enjoyable was the laid back quality of the environment—nothing felt forced or fake. The band wasn’t hiding behind any façade, elaborate stage set up, or crazy lights. It was refreshing to get the stripped down version, the uncensored and unsaturated. All that was on display was the band’s sheer talent; it was truly about the music and the music alone. The show last Wednesday turned a hectic hump day into a stress free night. No negativity.

Homeshake is a solo project from Montreal, Canada, and has appearances lined up in early March and mid-May. For more information, visit - Photos by Pamela Wang


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