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  • Hannah Power

Donacon, Mirror of Narcissus

Skilled hunter, son of Cephissus,

man of god-like vanity, with

eyes of riverbank brown, face sculpted

as if by Pygmalion,

body forged by Hephaestus,

rejector of man, woman,

nymph and god.

None are deserving of Narcissus,

the god among men.

Looking was never the proper option.

You need me, as I need you.

Nemesis took notice upon you,

revenge so sweet,

bewitching you to my banks,

luring you to glance upon me.

Meet my water, my gaze, and I

shall show you your bloom.

My stagnant waters mirror your desires.

Never shall you leave me.

I am what you desire.

I am all you need.

Touch me not, for you

shall ripple perfection.

Intangible love, dying as one.

Waste and wither,

join my banks, my waters.

Your mortal skin holds you back no more.

Beauty on beauty,

we will become one for all of eternity.


Art by Avery Slezak


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