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  • Molly Dauphin


Behind The Cover with Molly Dauphin In my personal work, I’m passionate about combining design, illustration and photography into one collective medium that blurs the lines of expected design and visual conventions. For the Prattler’s Entertainment issue, I wanted to convey that process through photo collage. The cover is able to exist as an illustration, a designed piece and a type of photograph. In a world of ever-shifting and evolving media, growing technological landscapes and morphing entertainment values, a hand reaching out into the simulated universe seemed to capture the many ways that entertainment can be described. The process of creating the cover was an organic one— the green, grey and black color way opened up the imagery into a futuristic realm and the design followed. Warping and distorting the shapes included falls into my design practice, but also into the vortex-like nature of entertainment. -- Molly Dauphin is a Senior, ComD Illustration Major Follow her on Instagram @mollydauphin //


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