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A Touch of Spring: Call to Action

If I have a complaint about Pratt Institute, 50 people will share it, and 50 more people will each have their own, unique complaint. The very nature of this means that there is a deeper sense of universal discontent on campus, and it’s time we talked about it. I love Pratt. I have learned a lot, made great friends, had truly amazing mentors, and created great art. What’s more, I’ve seen my friends do the same. There remains, however, this issue, where negative energy is not being addressed, where our issues are being kept to our dorms, texts, and casual jokes, where we as students will laugh uncomfortably about how it seems this university does not care for us. Pratt does care, Pratt does do great work, and in order to acknowledge this we need to have those conversations in public. We need to address not only what we dislike but also why we haven’t been talking about it. As an activist, how can I work to build a better world if I can’t work with my community to make it better? Do you struggle with disenfranchisement or feel like your voice isn’t included? Do you feel like you aren’t being heard even when you do speak? Do you feel like you don’t know how, or where, to stand in solidarity and allyship? If so, the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) invites you, your friends, and the entire campus community to an event—Campus Action Day: A Touch Of Spring 2019. On Sunday, April 7th from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. we invite you to meet with a coalition of student organizations working to improve our campus, strengthen our community, encourage student involvement, build accountability, and create a better university for everyone—students, faculty, and the workers here as well. This will be a radically inclusive forum where everyone’s voice will be heard, and everyone will be given a space. We look forward to seeing you, and to building a better world together. Anna and Rob


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