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  • Shawn Turner

The Brown Book that Bears No End

In the heart of the town, hidden in the shadows of its historic library, was an attic that housed the enigmatic relic:"The Brown Book that Bears No End." The very air in the attic carried whispers of its bound enchantments, beckoning those curious enough to seek its secrets. Little did they know, their destinies would intertwine with the ever-shifting tales concealed within its pages.

Moreen, a librarian with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, always found herself looking for interesting books stuck collecting dust within the library’s storage. As Moreen plundered through hundreds of books, she stumbled across a thick leather-bound brown book. Intrigued by its worn cover and the ethereal glow emanating from its pages, she hesitated but couldn't resist the allure. Delving into the book, the world around her blurred until she found herself entwined in a fantastical adventure. The tale unfolded as Moreen's reality morphed into a realm of mythical creatures and unforeseen challenges. Every emotion she experienced resonated with the characters in the story. Joy, sorrow, love, and despair: they all echoed in her heart. The once static words now pulsed with life, as if the book itself absorbed and mirrored her very essence.

Moreen remained entrapped by the narrative's twists and turns. Little did she know that with each passing chapter, the book inscribed her experiences into its mystical fabric. As she closed the book, returning to the mundane world, the attic seemed brighter.

The following morning, a regular, Xavier, entered the library. Moreen and Xavier always chatted about books they’d heard of or kept meaning to read. Moreen mentioned to Xavier the attic and its array of mysterious books, which piques his interest. Upon heading to the attic, he was drawn to the same leather book that Moreen was and opened it. Unmindful to him, the tales within reset, yet the residual presence of Moreen’s journey lingered, waiting to intertwine with Xavier's own destiny. Xavier's adventure mirrored Moreen's in numerous ways, yet each turn of the page revealed an unworldly twist tailored to his soul. The characters adapted to his fears, desires, and aspirations, creating a personalized odyssey. As Xavier emerged from the attic, he felt a profound connection with the book, although it hadn’t told a full story.The cycle continued as the brown book attracted a diverse array of readers. Each individual left an unerasable mark on its enchanting narrative. The town became a hub of whispers and speculation, as those who encountered the book spoke of its transformative power. Families passed down tales of ancestors who had experienced the surreal within the confines of the library attic.

Generations came and went, but "The Brown Book that Bears No End" remained a constant, a timeless artifact intertwining the destinies of those who dared to open its cover. The town's historic library became a sanctuary of wonder, where the ordinary mingled with the extraordinary through the journeys encapsulated within the bound pages.

And so the legend endured… a book with no end, eternally changing, forever shaping the lives of those who dared to embark on its mystical journey. The attic whispered secrets, and the brown book patiently awaited its next reader, promising an adventure that would leave an everlasting imprint on the tapestry of time.


Art by Sage Bauland


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