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  • Tyhe Cooper

An Evening with Aja Monet

(Cover Image) Aja Monet joyfully shares her poems, thoughts, and advice with the audience during September 21st’s Writer’s Forum reading. In late September, poet, writer, activist and local Brooklynite Aja Monet came to campus to read her work and discuss her artistry amidst this complex and daunting political climate. As a performer and presenter Aja has appeared independently at Town Hall Theater and the Apollo Theater. She was also prestigiously chosen to perform at the NAACP’s Barack Obama Inaugural event in Washington D.C.

Monet retrieves handmade necklaces baring mini poems to sell to the audience.

A student poses for a selfie with Monet after the discussion.

Monet poses for a picture with Writer’s Forum student Traci Abbott, a Creative Response presenter, and an audience member. - Photos by Samuel Herrera


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