May: The Moon


Above and below

bending shadows

of mystery

of danger

of illusion

Swells over

A pier


A warning

A call

A kindness



to Darkness

Tonight. April 19, the full moon was in Libra; it was a Pink Moon (I’m a libra (well, my sun sign is, and that has its way of clarifying aspects of prominent affects….) so that felt important, beyond the other deep, healing significances of the event).

But I didn’t see it.

I couldn’t, not through the clouds which descended upon Brooklyn after a gloriously sunny day that hinted at the hot and soggy summer to come. One which, for the first time in forever, I will spend mostly outside North Carolina.

Instead, I spent the night feeding my wicked, wild, wonderful, and, as always, wandering soul. And I knew it was there, emitting its soft, sweet light. It grew, and I, not for the first time, felt more adequately rendered in this world.

The Moon is the world of the unconscious, and it can be both frightening and disorienting. There is nowhere to anchor and everything feels confusing and deceptive, though slightly seductive and familiar.

Four nights ago, April 25, my dear friend read my tarot. Exhaustive vs generative generosity and giving, financial and career choices, and walking away from the unnecessary rose to the surface, along with a few others escaping me as I type this.

I shared with her my practice of paying attention to the card at the bottom of the deck after I’ve laid out the cards for the reading. We shared many other things, and I was not afraid of being untethered from the pillars I used to attach to.

Even time seems to be disappearing, but there is an urgency for you to move or risk being lost here forever.

May you move the things which are in your way.

May you return the things which no longer need to stay.

May you dream the things which you will one day manifest.

May you gather the things which render you more real.

May you mark this moment and find it contained wonder.

It’s not too late to turn back, but if you truly want freedom you will brave the current and surrender to the waves of cosmic intuition

Until next time, whether that be August or June,



Image by Katie Vogel

written by
Katie Vogel
May 28, 2019